It is the policy of ULS that it’s operations and construction projects are carried out in a safe manner to ensure healthy, safe and risk free environmental conditions for all personnel, visitors, sub-contractors, members of the public and the general environment.

To achieve this policy, ULS management will make every reasonable effort and seek expert advice to pro-actively reduce exposure to risk and to injury, and promote health, safety and a risk free environment. We aim to supply adequate training, resources, documented procedures and systems of work to assist our management to maintain a safe working environment.

Healthy, safe and risk free environments are both an individual and shared responsibility of employees and at all levels of the organisation. Every person has an obligation under the law to do their utmost to work safely, prevent accidents and develop a spirit of safety conscience and environmental protection for themselves, their fellow workers and others on the work site and the Organization.

We consult with, and emphasize to, all our workers the need for adherence to safe work practices and strict observance to the Organization’s Health, Safety an Environmental Policies and rules.

ULS acknowledges that a safe and clean environment does not occur by chance, but that it is the result of careful attention to planning work practices and identifying potential hazards in all aspects of work by those who are directly and indirectly involved. ULS encourages all personnel to support the Health, Safety and Environmental Plan and to work diligently to achieve an enviable workplace health, safety and environmental standard.