Vacuum Excavation also known as Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), significantly reduces the risk of asset damage which is of particular importance when in the vicinity of high risk assets such as Optic Fibre and High-Pressure Gas. Vacuum excavation is the safe and environmental alternative for excavating and determining existing utilities location and depths prior to project commencement.

This method uses a high-pressure water jet to break up the soil and a powerful vacuum to remove the soil. The specifically designed wand can dig in any soil condition with minimal operator effort, whilst providing no threat to the existing underground services.

All operators are fully trained in the operation and use of the equipment. They adhere to strict guidelines ensuring safety and all regulations are followed.

Some Vacuum Excavation Applications include: Exposing Utilities, Cleaning Drains, Clear blocked pipes, Slot trenching, Pot-Holing, Drilling mud removal, Wet / Dry Vac, Site Clean ups, Post holes, Catchment cleaning, Manhole cleanouts, Hydrant clean outs, Pit removal, Pit Re-alignment, Culvert Cleaning, Setting Posts and signs and many more.

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