Vacuum Excavation uses a high-pressure water jet to break up the ground and a powerful vacuum to remove the spoil. The specifically designed wand can dig in many varying ground conditions with minimal operator effort, whilst providing no threat to the existing underground services. All operators are fully trained in the operating and use of the equipment. They adhere to strict guidelines ensuring safety and all regulations are followed.

ULS can clear and clean all types of pits, manholes, drains, and culverts, using our high cfm vacuum, removing water, mud, slurry and debris fast and efficiently 24 hours a day, we remove many types of material wet or dry.

The 5 'p' process


Ensure you have considered all underground utilities.


Collate all utility plans and conduct site investigation using a ULS DBYD Certified Locator.


Positively Identify underground utilities by potholing the area using Vacuum Excavation.


Safety on site is a must for all civil works. Information provided by Electronic Locations & Potholing is an essential contribution to safe digging. Protect the infrastructure, Protect the onsite workers.


Proceed with construction after you have established the position of all underground utilities.