RD 8000 Cable and Pipe Locator

The multifunctional RD8000 is one of Radiodetection’s advanced pipe & cable locator utility detector, offering a wide choice of locate functions and advanced connectivity options.

The RD8000 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet remains a cost-effective solution for any application delivering unique user features. Designed with the latest digital software, RD8000 delivers a highly controllable and reliable locate solution.

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IDS Opera Duo

The Opera Duo is designed to allow ULS Locators making detection of buried utilities easier through its new software interface while needing virtually no maintenance for lifetime of equipment. The unit is based on a dual frequency antennae of 250MHz & 700MHz; The 250MHz frequency is for scanning and providing high resolution images of deep targets while the 700MHz is for scanning and providing high resolution images of shallow targets. The Opera Duo therefore provides the ability to locate the exact position of pipes and cables by a single scan (instead of changing antennae) – Saving time & increasing productivity.

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VM-880 Ferrous Metal Detector

The VM-880 is the latest generation of the ever popular 880 ferrous metal locator. Enhancing existing features and adding new, it incorporates the following to enable fast location of buried or hidden assets.

S13 Sonde

The S13 Super Small Sonde is designed to be used for tracing the paths of non-metallic pipes, ducts, sewers and drains, and in the precise location of blockages and collapses.

The S13 sonde transmits a locate frequency at 33kHz, making it compatible with most Radiodetection Cable and Pipe locators, including the RD8100 Precision Locator range and the C.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool range.