Fully certified in the fields of Quality, Safety and Environment
Fully certified in the fields of Quality, Safety and Environment


Concrete Scanning and Investigation to ascertain concrete integrity in structures.
With over 15 years experience within the industry, Utility Location Services specialises in

Non-destructive testing methods and structural investigations

At ULS we understand that ground penetrating radar has outstanding capabilities for assisting the construction industry, including safe penetrations and structural investigations. Our GPR service is complemented by a range of additional concrete testing technologies.

In order to achieve our clients’ goals in assessing concrete structures, ULS use a variety of advanced NDT techniques such as PET testing, ground penetrating radar, compressive and tensile strength testing, carbonation, corrosion, chloride studies and other NDT tests to provide vital information for projects.

ULS uses the latest technology in concrete investigation which allows us to further assist our existing clients and develop new opportunities to embrace best practice and harness our skills to ensure the utmost “Quality and Safety” is delivered.

ULS is committed to providing the highest quality service. With our procedures, unique extensive approach to ground penetrating radar and detailed reporting, ULS is highly recognised and valued by the engineering community.

Professionally trained and accredited personnel ensure

Thorough concrete integrity testing services

At ULS our investigations include:

  • Concrete thickness analysis
  • Reinforcement detail , cover and bar size
  • PT cable and Conduit location.
  • Void detection
  • Pile Depth Analysis and reporting
  • Concrete Cancer, delamination assessment

 We can  also provide the following:

  • Compressive Strength Testing
  • Carbonation Testing
  • Concrete Cover Assessment
  • Load Testing of Reinforcement